Love Wisdoh

I’m not getting married again.

Note to self:

The institution of marriage has lost its meaning when my date introduced herself. “I’m your ex-wife’s ex-husband’s ex-wife“, she said. Think about it.

I’m missing an incisor.

Note to self:

Resist the urge to kiss a woman while she’s having an orgasm! She’s prone to sudden moves. Her teeth might turn out to be stronger than yours, and you will have a hard time trying to explain the damage to your dentist.


Wisdoh (wiz-d’oh) is a short-form literary genre. You know, like haiku or limerick, but without any silly line and syllable restrictions. Undeniably, it is the best way to describe your shortcomings, screw-ups, faux pas, epic fails, temporary loss of intelligence, or anything that rapidly deteriorates into a socially awkward situation.

Self-deprecation is highly encouraged.

Acquiring Wisdoh

There’s only one way to achieve Wisdoh, and it involves three simple steps:

1. Do something.

2. Find out that it was stupid.

3. Now you know.

The Format

A typical Wisdoh consists of two parts:

  1. Title.
    A direct aftermath of your action. Don’t tell the reader what you’ve done, but rather what happened afterwards. Keep it short.
  2. Explanation.
    A note to self, if you will. Describe the situation in a couple of sentences, but leave a little room for imagination. Let the reader connect the dots.


You: I desperately need some Listerine.

Your reader: ?

You: If you absolutely must unclog your toilet – do yourself a favor, and plunge with your mouth closed.

Your reader: I see what you did there.